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Elevator fees for installation and alterations

A person, firm or corporation that seeks to install or alter an elevator must first obtain a permit from the department, or with a municipality authorized by law to issue a permit, before beginning installation or alteration.

An application for a permit must be submitted on forms from the department or an authorized municipality and include plans and specifications describing the permitted work. A permit will be issued to the applicant when the plans and specifications have been approved and the permit fee paid. The permit is only valid for work started within 12 months of application and completed within two years of application.

The department's fees for a permit to install or alter an elevator are:

A.) A permit fee to install or alter an elevator is $100. B). Inspection fees for installation and alteration of permitted elevator work are 1-1/2 percent of the total cost of the project permitted work for labor and materials including related electrical and mechanical equipment. The cost of special decorative fixtures in the permitted work may be deducted from the cost of the permitted elevator work up to a maximum of 5 percent of the total cost of the permitted work upon approval of the commissioner.

B. An elevator that passes department inspection will be issued an operating permit by the department.

C. Vertical reciprocating conveyors, (American Society of Mechanical Engineers/American National Standards Institute Standard B20.1) are subject to filing and inspection fees for new and altered installations but are exempt from routine inspection by an elevator inspector.

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