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CCLD Code Interpretations

Providing uniform and consistent application of the code is one of the central values of CCLD. It benefits our stakeholders by saving time and money and enables use of buildings or structures as quickly as possible. Our stakeholders are varied and include homebuilders, contractors, architects, engineers, material suppliers, municipal code officials, and the building owner. To facilitate uniform and consistent code enforcement, the division offers explanations and interpretations of the code.

Staff Interpretations. These describe various forms of quick and brief code explanations and interpretations that are provided to stakeholders. They may be written or verbal and may include phone conversations, emails, faxes and letters. Staff interpretations are one staff member's explanation of the answer to a question generated by a stakeholder but are not binding.

State Building Official Interpretations. These are a written explanation and/or interpretation of a code provision by the State Building Official. They are written for posting to the division’s website to provide guidance on code provisions that have shown to be particularly troublesome or that have broad impact on a particular construction feature. They are not, however, binding.

Staff and Division Opinion Archive

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