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Plumbing plan review fee calculator

Definition of terms used in the fee calculator

Plumbing Plan Review fee calculator

To calculate fees, select project type and appropriate charges, then click on Submit button to get the result. Click reset button to reset the calculation.

Project Type (choose one only)

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Service Connections Only (building sewer service and/or building water service only)

$150 flat fee

Water Distribution System Only (No Drainage System)

Enter Number of Water Supply Units
($5 per W.S.U., $150 minimum)

Plumbing System
(Water Distribution and Drain/Waste/Vent within the building and any service connections, if applicable)

DFU Fee Schedule
≤ 25 units: $150
26-50 units: $250
51-150 units: $350
151-249 units: $500
250+ units: $3 per unit,
with maximum of $4,000

Enter Number of Drainage Fixture Units (DFU)

Enter Number of Sanitary Interceptors or Sanitary Separators, if applicable
($70 each)

None of the above

Check all that apply:

Does the plan include a Storm Water System? (Checked=Yes)

($150 combined minimum)

Enter Number of Roof Drain Openings
($50 each, $500 maximum)

Enter Number of Storm Water Interceptors, Separators and Catch Basin Designs.
($70 each)

Is the facility a Manufactured Home Park or Campground? (Checked=Yes)

Select Number of Sites


Note - Plans that require more than two reviews are subject to additional charges.

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