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ePlans - Electronic plan review

ATTENTION! ePlans was upgraded Feb. 5, 2018.
Visit our ePlans -- ProjectDox Upgrade page to find out what you need to know about the upgrade.

ePlans is a Web-based workflow and collaboration system that allows applicants and Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) staff to collaborate electronically during the plan review process. ePlans provides an alternative to printing and shipping paper construction documents to DLI for review and allows for numerous cost- and time-saving efficiencies including:

code books
  • Upload documents electronically from the convenience of your office anytime.
  • Notations by the plan reviewer are added as an overlay on the electronic plans to provide clear direction for required corrections.
  • Re-submit corrected documents from the convenience of your office anytime.
  • Users are notified immediately and receive access to approved, stamped plans once the review is complete.

How to use ePlans

ePlans requires some initial set-up before it is fully functional. Instructions are included in the ePlans User

Applications for electronic plan review

Building and plumbing plan review application forms include a section for specifying the submission format for construction documents: paper or electronic. When electronic submission is selected, you will submit the application and fees to the department. The application will be recorded by the department and an email invitation to participate in ePlans will be sent to the email address identified on the plan review application.

Help with electronic plan review

Why electronic plan review?

The building, design, and construction industries have adopted the use of software to create electronic plans and documentation for all phases of the design process. DLI recognizes that moving to a plan review process that minimizes paper by using electronic construction documents will create efficiencies and cost savings for customers. This contributes to a healthy construction economy by reducing the overall time it takes to get a building project to the construction phase.

The transition to electronic plan review is also a trend for municipalities, both nationally and locally. ProjectDox -- the software behind ePlans -- will become a familiar tool as more cities in the state deploy their own instances of the product. DLI's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD) has successfully piloted ePlans for the review of plumbing, building and fire sprinkler plans before launching the service. ePlans Electronic Plan Review is now available for the review of all building, fire sprinkler, and plumbing plans.

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