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Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Mission and vision

The Department of Labor and Industry's (DLI) mission is to ensure Minnesota's work and living environments are equitable, healthy and safe.

The department serves employees and employers by regulating workplaces through education and enforcement.

Agency activities are designed to assure:

  • workplaces are free from injury and illness;

  • buildings are safe and healthy for those who occupy them;

  • workers injured on the job are provided treatment and benefits required by law;

  • workers from all communities have the opportunity to receive critical skills through apprenticeship training;

  • workers who construct and inspect buildings are qualified to perform the work;

  • workers, potential workers and employers have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace; and

  • customers have access to reliable resources to help them comply with the laws and regulations the agency administers and enforces.

DLI administers laws related to employment, apprenticeship, workplace safety and health, workers' compensation and construction of buildings through its core functions:

  • provide training, outreach and other resources to customers;

  • promulgate construction codes;

  • conduct plan reviews, inspections, audits and investigations;

  • review workers' compensation claims and oversee the provision of benefits;

  • provide informal dispute-resolution services;

  • provide vocational rehabilitation services;

  • issue penalties for violations of the law;

  • issue professional licenses and certifications; and

  • register apprenticeship programs.

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