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Statewide average weekly wage (SAWW)

This figure shows the average wage used by the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) to adjust certain workers' compensation benefits and provider fee limits. The SAWW is also used for several DLI statistics, to adjust average benefit amounts for different years, so they are all expressed in constant dollars of the most recent SAWW. And the SAWW is used to set statutory benefit and fee levels. The SAWW, from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, is the average weekly wage of nonfederal workers covered under unemployment insurance.



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Vocational rehabilitation plan costs

Vocational rehabilitation costs include the cost of all services provided for the vocational rehabilitation of injured employees. These include vocational rehabilitation plan costs from qualified rehabilitation consultant firms and often include the cost of registered rehabilitation vendors that perform job placement and job development services. Costs of both the prior and current firms are included. Costs for retraining, on-the-job training, relocation, testing, transportation and childcare are also included. Wage-replacement benefits paid to injured workers during the vocational rehabilitation plan are not included. Total cost is a developed statistic by injury year. It was computed by deriving developed statistics for the number of plans and the average cost of new plans, both by injury year, and multiplying these together. The average and median plan costs are the actual figures for plans closed in the given year. All cost values are expressed in constant 2002 dollars.

Vocational rehabilitation return-to-work outcomes

Qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) report the cost, duration and outcome of vocational rehabilitation plans using the Notice of Rehabilitation Plan Closure form. QRCs indicate employee job-status at the time of plan closure by checking a box indicating whether the injured worker has returned to a job with the date-of-injury employer, has returned to a job with a different employer or is not currently employed. The data is displayed by the year of the plan closure.





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