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Workers' compensation -- Electronic data interchange (EDI) and eFROI Web portal

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) logoClaim administrators, which include self-insured employers, insurers and third-party administrators, must file the First Report of Injury (FROI) electronically with the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).

  • Employers should continue to send FROI forms to their insurance company, the same way they do so now. Employers should continue to file paper FROI forms with DLI for a serious or fatal injury, unless the claim administrator files it on their behalf.

  • eFROI Web portal logoThe claim administrator can choose one of two ways to file the FROI electronically. Both require the claim administrator to complete the online trading partner profile application and complete testing with DLI before a FROI can be submitted.

    1. Electronic data interchange (EDI):

      • This method requires some programming of the claim administrator's system, so that FROI data is pulled out of the system and sent to DLI's system. The data can either be sent directly to DLI's system or the claim administrator can hire a vendor that assists in sending the data in the correct format.

      • There is no charge by DLI for EDI, but there may be costs to set up the process to send data to DLI using a vendor.

    2. eFROI Web portal:

      • The claim administrator logs onto a Web portal and manually enters all required FROI data. There is no cost to use this feature.

  • The Minnesota Electronic Filing of First Report of Injury Implementation Guide below contains detailed information about EDI and eFROI, the requirements for submission of EDI data and the list of approved EDI vendors.

Minnesota's Electronic Filing of First Report of Injury Implementation Guide

(This guide was last updated April 12, 2017. See what changed.)
View the implementation guide (PDF)
Minnesota IAIABC spreadsheets updated Dec. 20, 2016 (Excel worksheet file)
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