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Construction contractor registration with DLI

Most contractors who provide residential or commercial building construction or improvement services are required to register with DLI through the Construction Contractor Registration Program if they do not hold a contractor’s license.

bullet Registration is free and online here.

 NEW: Registration renewal information.

Contractors who are already licensed or bonded by DLI should not register.

Do I have to register?

An individual or business entity that performs commercial or residential building construction or improvement services must register with DLI unless they:

  • have a current license, certificate or registration issued by DLI;
  • have a current independent contractor exemption certificate (ICEC);
  • are an employee of a business performing construction services; or
  • hold a current residential building contractor or remodeler certificate of exemption issued by DLI; or
  • are excluded from registration requirements under Minnesota Statute 326B.701.

Contractors who hire unregistered subcontractors, misclassify workers or fail to register are in violation of the law and can be charged with monetary penalties.

Evaluation of contractor registration pilot project

If a license is required, do not register

If contractors are performing any construction work for which a license, certification or separate registration is required under Minn. Stat. chapter 326B (i.e. boiler, electrical, elevator, high-pressure piping, plumbing or residential building contractor), they must apply for a license and may not submit a contractor registration. Contact CCLD's Licensing Services staff at (651) 284-5034 for more information about licensing. For information about the Contractor Registration program, call (651) 284-5074.

A contractor registration is not a license

Being registered does not authorize you to contract with homeowners to perform construction or remodeling work of any kind. It is a violation of state law for a registered contractor to hold him or herself out as a licensed contractor or to imply that a registration or "IR" number is a license number.

Online verification of registered contractors

Verify contractor registration with DLI's License Lookup searchable database

  • "License class" select "Business"
  • "Select a discipline" select "Registered Contractors"
  • "Select a classification" select "CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION"
  • Click "Search" button
  • Results will show names and status of currently registered contractors

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