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Office of Combative Sports:  Grievances and appeals process

If you have a grievance regarding a matter associated with the regulation of Combative Sports in the state of Minnesota, complete the grievance form and specifically describe your complaint.

If another party is involved with your complaint, they will be given an opportunity to respond. The responding party will be given seven days from the filing of the grievance to respond.

The commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry has sole discretion regarding any request for additional submissions or a longer period of time to respond. The commissioner will issue an order within 14 days of the final submission being filed. Prior to doing so, on significant issues, the commissioner will seek the advice of the Combative Sports Advisory Council as a whole or a designated committee.

The commissioner is responsible to ensure that all combative sport contests, including but not limited to professional boxing, tough person and mixed martial arts contests, are conducted in a manner that conforms with the law in Minnesota and with all rules and procedures adopted. The commissioner has sole direction, supervision, regulation, control and jurisdiction over all combative sport contests that are held within the State of Minnesota, unless they are exempt under federal law. Further, the commissioner has sole control, authority and jurisdiction over all licenses required for combative sports and shall issue, deny, renew, suspend or revoke licenses as appropriate. Minn. Statutes §341.27 to §347.29.

If a party wishes to contest a final order of the commissioner, the party may file a request for a contested case hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). The process for requesting an OAH hearing will be set forth in every final order of the Commissioner regarding grievances.

Your completed grievance from can be sent to Matt Schowalter via email to matt.schowalter@state.mn.us or mailed to:

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Office of Combative Sports
443 Lafayette Road N.
St. Paul, MN 55155-4341

Phone: (651) 284-5366


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