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Office of Combative Sports:  License types

All participants in combative sports contests must be properly licensed. Combative sports contests include professional boxing, professional or amateur tough person, professional or amateur martial art contest and professional or amateur mixed martial arts contest (Minnesota Statutes Sections 341.21, subd. 2c and 341.30).

Any person who wants to compete in amateur boxing does not need to be licensed by OCS and should contact their local amateur boxing association (i.e. Golden Gloves, USA Boxing).

Amateur combatant ($50)
An amateur combatant is someone who competes in combative sports contests as a pastime rather than a profession and who is not receiving or competing for, and has never received or competed for, any purse or other item that exceeds $50 in value for competing in a contest (Minnesota Rules 2202.0020 subp. 2).

Professional combatant ($70)
A professional combatant is someone who competes in combative sports contests for any money prize or a prize that exceeds the value of $50 (Minnesota Statutes 341.21 subd. 5).

Referee ($80)
A referee is a neutral official in charge of ensuring fair play occurs, the fight remains active, assessing fouls and has the authority to stop a contest. The Referee is the sole arbiter, umpire, judge or adjudicator of a combative sports contest (Minnesota Rules 2201.0020, subp. 13).

Judge ($80)
A judge is a neutral official responsible for scoring the performances of the participants in a contest.

Promoter ($700)
A promoter is any person or business entity that holds or sponsors a combative sports contest. The promoter has a number of responsibilities relative to a combative sports contest that are regulated by OCS.

Trainer or Second (Corner) ($80)
A trainer or second (also known as a corner) is the person who is present during a contest to provide assistance and coaching to a combatant.

Ring announcers ($80)
A ring announcer is any person who enters the fighting area to introduce combatants to the audience, state the rules of the contest, announce the winner, time of finish, method by which the contest was won and conduct post-contest interviews.

Timekeeper ($80)
A timekeeper is a neutral official responsible for keeping and documenting time during combative sports contests.

Ringside physician ($80)
A ringside physician is an individual licensed by the State of Minnesota to practice medicine and provides ringside medical care at combative sports events, physical examinations pre or post-contest, checks mouthpieces and may stop a contest for medical necessity (Minnesota Statutes Section 341.33; Minnesota Rules 2201.0020, subp. 11, 2202.0500 and 2202.0700).

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